4 Things to Love About The North End

With the crazy year we have had, a relaxing trip whether it be for the day, weekend, or prolonged time, Boston is a great place to visit all year round. New England is known for its four very different seasons, so when the warm weather comes out, people take advantage of being able to get outside and enjoy all the great weather.

Boston is a city full of its history and many different diverse backgrounds from Brazilian to Cape Verdean to a prevalent one here in Boston, Italian. Boston would have many immigrants from Europe and Italy that they have even taken over a designated spot in Boston called the North End. The North End is located on the northernmost part of Boston.

Here's what we love about the North End -

  • It's Personality: The North End is considered Boston’s Little Italy, full of narrow streets and many Italian restaurants, coffeehouses, and pastry shops! The North End prides itself on its rich history and falls back to its roots with a consistent theme of old-time Italy in most restaurants and shops. Restaurants and buildings are the same as they were 75 years ago and owned by the same family.
  • It's Tasty Food Options: The North End is a great stop to make whenever in the city because of its fantastic food options like Al Dente, Antico Forno, Artu, Bricco, and many more restaurants! They range from excellent pizzerias to high-end sit-down restaurants. The North End brings people together from all around the world and treats them like family.
  • It's Location: The North End is a gorgeous walk from downtown Boston and located right on the water. It's also just a short walk from our Sea Boston USA cart in Fanueil Hall.
    •  Weather Tip: The weather in Boston can be so unpredictable and you may need to adjust your wardrobe.  Pick-up a sweatshirt, if it gets a little colder than expected, or even a t-shirt if the sun decided to beam down! The good thing is that Sea Boston USA always has the best gear to help you stay comfortable and stylish in any scenario!
  • The question of who makes the best cannoli: The “friendly” feud between Modern Pastry and Mike's Pastry is a commonly known debate throughout Boston. Only being a block or so away from one another, customers from each store will stand in lines for hours on end to support their bakery of choice.

If you decided on coming into the North End, make sure it is your cheat day because you will leave with a stomach full of pasta, pastries, and a heart full of great memories! The North End is a great place full of great local people.

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